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Leverage the in-depth experience of our Climate Control Team to better plan and manage the heat, cooling, temporary power, dehumidification and fueling needs for all your construction projects.

From heat calculations to budgeting your season’s costs, our team of experts will create a plan to minimize your overall spend.

Technical Services

Our Cooper Climate Control team has the experience and expertise to build you a temporary climate control solution and provide the project management necessary to ensure your projects run smoothly and on budget. With over 30 years’ experience solving temporary climate control challenges, we bring the industry know-how to your project.

Download a copy of our Heat Catalogue

Click here to view our Temporary Heat Guidelines, which contains everything you need to know about heating your construction site.

Need to estimate your BTU requirements? Check out our online BTU calculator.

Site Services

To ensure your projects run smoothly, let Cooper take care of all your temporary Climate Control needs on your jobsite. Our services include:


Cooper carries a range of double-walled fuel cubes in a variety of capacities and both diesel and propane generators to keep your heaters and humidifiers powered through your project.

Propane delivery direct from source

Cooper is now providing Propane solutions to our customers in Western Canada. Direct from source our propane service is reliable, safe and always on time. All Cooper propane tanks include remote monitoring systems to ensure you never run out of fuel.

Download a copy of our Propane and Heat catalogue

Contact us for more information on Cooper propane services or call our Climate Control branches in Western Canada: