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At Cooper Equipment Rentals Ltd. we want to provide our customers with piece of mind. This is in line with our entire customer service approach. As an additional service to our customers, Cooper Equipment Rentals Ltd. and its subsidiary Cooper Rentals Canada Inc. offers an optional Loss Damage Waiver. This Loss Damage Waiver, called the Cooper Protection Plan (“CPP”) will help reduce the cost to the customer for loss or damage to equipment while it is on rent.

The Cooper Protection Plan provides beneficial coverage regardless if the customer has insurance or not. Simply put, as long as the customer utilizes the equipment in the manner it is designed for and maintained as noted to the manufacturer’s recommendation, the equipment will be covered by the CPP.

Any customer who rents equipment from Cooper Equipment Rentals and its subsidiary, Cooper Rentals Canada is required to possess some form of loss and damage security for equipment in their care. This requirement can be met with the customer’s own business or personal insurance, or by taking the CPP coverage.

What does CPP cover?

CPP protects the customer from the most common losses and damages that occur during the normal and responsible use of the equipment.

Specifically, CPP covers:

  • Accidental damage
  • Cosmetic damage
  • Theft

What does CPP not cover?

The CPP is void in its coverage in the event following specific damages stated below:

  • Damage to engines, hydraulics, and electrical systems if the customer does not maintain them properly
  • Damage to tires, tracks, and windows
  • Misuse and abuse – if the customer uses the equipment in a manner or for a purpose that they did not advise us of, and/or is beyond what is reasonable use for the particular equipment
  • If the customer does not provide a timely police report in the case of theft of the equipment, or if the customer was using the equipment in a location different than stated in the rental agreement
  • Cleaning

To learn more, please contact your sales representative or call Cooper at 1‑800‑315‑2667 (COOP)