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Winter Construction at TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley golf course

The construction of a new clubhouse at the TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley golf course in Alton, ON, presented unique challenges, particularly during the colder months. The project required a mixture of equipment rentals and heating solutions to maintain construction schedules and worker comfort.

Cooper Equipment Rentals stepped in to provide an extensive range of on-site equipment and Climate Control solutions. This included ground thawing hydronic heaters, fuel cubes, storage containers, and a track loader to facilitate smooth operations. To combat the cold weather, Cooper’s Climate Control team supplied two 700,000 BTU propane heaters and six 400,000 BTU indirect fired heaters. These heaters were strategically placed to ensure efficient and even heating throughout the construction site.

Additionally, Cooper Equipment Rentals provided essential infrastructure support with Work Zone Safety solutions, including temporary fencing spanning 1600 feet.

The heating solutions and equipment provided ensured that workers could focus on their tasks comfortably and efficiently, even in cold temperatures. Cooper’s on-site technicians ensured everything ran smoothly to maintain customer satisfaction throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Cooper Equipment Rentals proved to be a reliable partner, delivering not only equipment but also expert heating solutions to the building group managing the project. Their ability to provide a one-stop solution for equipment and heating needs made a significant difference in the winter construction of the clubhouse project in Alton, ON.


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