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Temporary Heating for Hayer Town Centre Project

Caliber Projects needed a reliable heating solution for their Hayer Town Centre project in British Columbia, comprising 338 condos and 36,000 square feet of commercial space. With varying temperature conditions and the need to maintain worker comfort during the harsh winter months, they required a flexible heating system.

Cooper Climate Control provided two 1 Million BTU heaters fueled by a 1000G propane tank and vaporizer. The inclusion of fuel monitors on the 1000G tank ensured proactive fuel level monitoring and timely refills, reducing maintenance hassles on-site.

To distribute heat efficiently, 24-inch spiral tin ducting was suspended below the pipes, leading to the HVAC shaft. Low amp fans were strategically placed on each floor to ensure even heat distribution. This forced clean air system pressurized the building and achieved the required air exchanges per hour.

Our Climate Control team’s expertise in providing efficient heating solutions allows the construction project to stay on schedule without disruptions caused by temperature-related challenges, ensuring the comfort and safety of workers throughout the project’s duration.


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