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  • Pump & Power Catalogue - Thumbnail

    Pump & Power Catalogue

    Cooper Pump & Power is a specialty division of Cooper focused on solving dewatering and power generation needs for large-scale projects. Explore the Pump & Power catalogue to learn about the engineered solutions available from our knowledgeable team of experts.

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  • Cooper Resources - Temporary Heat Guidelines

    Temporary Heat Guidelines

    Heating equipment plays a crucial role in building and construction work during cold weather. Enabling essential work to continue and providing a more comfortable working environment during extreme temperatures. Learn everything you need to know about heating your construction site with Cooper’s comprehensive Temporary Heating Guidelines.

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  • BTU Calculator Preview

    BTUH Calculator

    Need to determine the BTUH requirements for your heating needs? Cooper has got you covered. Try out our interactive BTUH calculator to get an instant recommendation based on your job site.

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  • Green Equipment Flyer - Smarter Equipment Solutions

    Green Equipment Flyer

    Cooper has consistently been first-to-market for green equipment solutions. Meaning that we work with equipment manufacturers from around the world, to ensure our customers receive the latest advancements in eco-conscious equipment solutions for your jobsite.

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  • Cooper Resources - Spring Flyer 2023

    Spring Flyer

    Spring and summer cleanup is easy with Cooper! Check out the resource pamphlet below to see what we have to offer.

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  • Cooper Resources - Spring Flooding Flyer

    We've Got Your Spring Flooding Needs Covered

    With Spring here, we know that flooding can sometimes be an issue, but have no fear! Cooper is here to help you find the perfect solution for all your flooding needs. We have all the tools to ensure your Spring projects run smoothly and go off without a hitch!

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  • COOPERconnect brochure


    Our customers have 24/7 access to on-demand account management services with Cooper Equipment Rentals. From managing open contracts and notifications to reviewing invoice history, unlock the full power of your account with COOPERconnect.

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  • Cooper Resources - Cooper Protection Plan (CPP)

    Cooper Protection Plan

    Allow Cooper to alleviate the stress of loss and damage to rental equipment by offering you the Cooper Protection Plan (CPP). Read more about CPP and what it covers in the resource pamphlet below.

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  • Cooper Resources - Stay Warm with Cooper

    Stay Warm with Cooper

    Our knowledgeable heating team can help you keep your projects on track all year-round with the right heating equipment for the job. Check out our resource pamphlet below to learn more.

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  • Cooper Resources - Contractor Equipment

    Contractor Equipment

    Cooper’s got all the equipment you need to complete your projects safely and on-time. Read the resource below for more information.

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  • Cooper Resources - Cooper Telematics

    Cooper Telematics

    Saving you days in equipment downtime, reducing the cost of theft to your business, and providing you complete visibility of your rental assets – Cooper Telematics has a lot to offer. See our resource below to learn more.

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