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2022 is going to be the best year ever!

Happy New Year!

There is so much to celebrate, not least of which is the 50th Birthday of Cooper Equipment Rentals. Cooper was born in 1972 in a job shack in the back of a contractor’s yard in Toronto. Gord Cooper founded the company on the belief that being honest and real and following through on his promises was enough of a foundation for a successful business.

And – 50 years later – guess what – he was right!

A lot has changed in 50 years. Cooper has grown tremendously and now has 55 locations from coast to coast in Canada and employs more than 750 people.

But what has not changed are those core beliefs that the company was founded upon, and form what we call the Cooper Difference.

The Cooper Difference is a set of values that govern our every action and interaction.

  • Treating customers and suppliers with respect and as partners. Their success is our success and vice versa
  • Continuous improvement in systems, processes, and technology to save customers time
  • Working together SAFELY and as ONE Professional team across Canada
  • Meeting everyday challenges with energy, curiousity, and fresh thinking
  • Having fun with each other at work and being honest, non-judgmental, and inclusive
  • Seeing the bigger picture and making unselfish decisions that are not always in our short-term interest

Put all that together and it spells the Cooper Difference. It goes like this:

Discerning customers count on Cooper Equipment Rentals for smarter equipment solutions. Working together safely as one professional team we bring energy and fresh thinking to our customers everyday needs. We are honest, fun-loving people with a passion for the business. We put customers first. This is what makes Cooper Equipment Rentals the best!

50 years later, Gord would be amazed by the growth that has been achieved by the Cooper team, but I do not think he would be surprised that those things he believed in from the very beginning could form the foundation for our Canadian success story.

He would be very proud.

Happy Birthday Cooper and cheers to the next 50 years,

Doug Dougherty

One response to “2022 is going to be the best year ever!

  1. Thanks for this motivating post Doug! Good on ya “One Cooper”, for bringing forward the wisdom of Gord Cooper with the energy and fresh thinking of today’s Cooper team. Beautiful synergy. ?. Congratulations on 50 years to the safe, honest, reliable and fun-loving team that continues to deliver the gift of time to customers. ?

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