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Decisions, Decisions

Think about a time when you had a decision to make. How did that go? Was it easy for you or did you find it tough? Did you make a good decision? Did you even make the decision or did you let someone or something else make the decision for you? What was the outcome? How did the process of deciding feel?

Remember George Bush, the American president who famously said, and I quote “I am the decider”? Interestingly research shows that when we are making decisions for ourselves a lot of us find it very challenging. We tend to think about all the things that could go wrong. We focus on minutiae.

Have you noticed when you are consulted on a decision for someone else it is easier? You are probably more positive and creative and not as risk averse.

One of the qualities of good leaders is that they are good at making decisions that have an impact on others. They do not waffle. They can make decisions without all the information. They are not focused on negative outcomes. They are “decisive”. That’s what our friend George was trying to say, I think. I am the leader and I will decide.

Don’t get me wrong. It is critical to involve others in your decision. Collect different ideas and perspectives. Gather information.

But do not waffle. There is a time for collaboration and there is a time for decision. And leaders decide when that time has come, and they act.

So, if decisions are tough for you, think about that time you were asked for guidance on a decision by someone else. And how easy it was for you to offer good advice and help that person decide. Now bring that same mindset to your own decisions.

If you are going to be a leader, you have to be a “decider”.
So, what’s your decision?

Be well,
Doug Dougherty


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