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Spill Containment


When your pumping project requires spill containment solutions, Cooper Pump & Power can provide just the right spill guard to prevent overflow, contain accidents and save on cleanup costs. The hinge brackets are built-in and replaceable, made from durable chemical resistant materials that can withstand extreme temperatures. Our easy-to-use spill containment berms are required to comply with local and federal regulations.

Sizes include: 8 ft x10 ft, 10 ft x 20 ft

*Custom sizes available upon request.


Oil booms, Barriers, Flood and spill protection, Spill control, Berm liners and secondary containment, Inflatable dams

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You will receive a rental product of similar specifications to the above models, based on availability in your area. A specific make and model cannot be requested or guaranteed. The above photo may not be the true representation of the specifications. For exact specifications, please contact 1‑800‑315‑COOP