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Tips for Using and Transporting Crawler Booms

Have you ever needed to complete a construction project within an intricate space but struggled to find a piece of equipment that gives you the flexibility to operate in such an area? Well Crawler Booms, with their unique shape and configuration, might be the solution you’re looking for. This blog provides tips on how to safely operate and navigate a Crawler Boom while working in a variety of situations.

The tips below apply specifically to the Teupen Crawler Boom carried in the Cooper fleet and include detailed videos that demonstrate each step.

How to Drive A Crawler Boom

Whether you are wondering how to successfully move the Crawler Boom forwards, backwards or how to safely turn it around we’ve got you covered! Simply follow the instructions below and watch this video for a seamless drive.

Step 1: Set the switch to the middle function (crawler function)

Step 2: Select your desired travel speed

Step 3: Shift the two outer control levers forward to move upwards

Step 4: Shift the two outer control levers back to move backwards

Step 5:  When turning left, set your speed to slow and shift the right-hand control lever upwards

Step 6: When turning right, set your speed to slow and shift the left-hand control lever upwards

Step 7: If you need to turn on the spot, set your speed to slow and pull the left-hand control lever backwards while pushing the right-hand control lever forwards.

How to Navigate a Crawler Boom Through Small Entrances and Doors

One of the main advantages of Crawler Booms is that they are flexible and can therefore easily fit through narrow spaces and areas. Worried about navigating your Crawler Boom under a bridge or through a narrow door? Don’t worry, once you retract the crawler chassis, the machine’s overall height and width is condensed, making the task of maneuvering it an easy one!

In order to make the Crawler Boom even more compact, it’s important to know how to install and extract the working basket from the machine. Click these links to watch a quick video on  how to install and remove the working basket with ease from a TL54AJ or TL72A

How to Navigate a Crawler Boom on Steps and Slopes

The Crawler Boom also makes it simple for you to transport the machine across steps and slopes. When going down a set of steps adhere to the following directions or watch this tutorial to ensure a smooth transition.

Step 1: Put the crawler boom in reverse

Step 2: Expand the back outrigger to support the machine.

Step 3: Ensure the machine has enough stability to prevent it from falling

Step 4: Retract the outriggers before you begin to travel down the steps.

Step 5: Prevent from exceeding the machine’s maximum inclination – gradeability.

The Crawler Boom also makes travelling uphill a painless task. The steps below will ensure you get your Crawler Boom uphill safely in no time.

Step 1: Drive the machine forwards when going uphill

Step 2: Do not exceed the maximum incline angle

Step 3: Put the machine back in reverse to go back downhill

 How to Load a Crawler Boom on a Truck or Trailer

When your job is done, loading a Crawler Boom onto a mode of transportation requires a few simple steps to follow that will guarantee a smooth transition.

Step 1: Ensure the Crawler Boom is in transport position

Step 2: Carefully move the Crawler Boom forward on the ramp. Reduce your speed as soon as the machine begins to sway

Step 3: Use securing equipment to safely anchor the platform to the truck or trailer

As you can see, the Crawler Boom is a unique and versatile piece of equipment that is especially handy when dealing with construction projects that take place in tight spaces. Here at Cooper we offer many different Crawler Boom options which can be found here. What are you waiting for? Call us at 1-800-315-COOP and rent yours today!

For the full gallery of Teupen video tutorials simply scan the QR codes below!


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