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This is an eco-friendly product. Cooper has a selection of eco-friendly Smarter Equipment Solutions to help reduce carbon emissions at your jobsite.

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Message Board




These silent MTO approved message boards will help you communicate with traffic to ensure your projects run safely and smoothly. They are equipped with a built in modem and GPS system that allows you to manage your fleet remotely. With this message board you can display up to three lines of text with up to twelve characters per line using the MTO font.


Panel Size 126" x 76"
Height 103"
Weight 2,960 lbs
Batteries Four 6-volt heavy-duty
Battery Charger 45 amp output
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You will receive a rental product of similar specifications to the above models, based on availability in your area. A specific make and model cannot be requested or guaranteed. The above photo may not be the true representation of the specifications. For exact specifications, please contact 1‑800‑315‑COOP