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Full-Service Rental Solutions with Pump & Power Specialists

Cooper Pump & Power is a specialty division committed to providing you with expert level service and integrated equipment rental solutions for your pump or generator needs.

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If you’re unsure of what equipment you need, or would like an expert to evaluate your project, consult with our Cooper Pump & Power Specialists on-site to analyze the work that needs to be done. We will make recommendations and provide a comprehensive list of the equipment you’ll need to complete your project.
As your one-stop-shop for your entire water-pumping or sewage-pumping project, our Cooper Pump & Power Specialists will work directly with you to create a unique project design or improve your existing system. It’s a smart and efficient way for you to save on overhead and minimize any risks.
When it comes to equipment that’s in constant industrial use, we expect the unexpected and prepare for potential maintenance or repairs. It’s all factored into how we plan for every project—with the goal of minimizing downtime and keeping your project on schedule, even in emergency situations.

Industries We Serve with Pump & Power

Cooper Pump & Power is a specialty division committed to providing you with expert level service and integrated rental solutions to your pump or generator needs.

From dewatering to mineral processing, slurry transfer, water supply/boosting and more, picking the right pump and accessories for the job requires an expertise that goes beyond casual knowledge of the mining industry. Your Cooper Pump & Power Specialist knows exactly what your specific job requires and can visit your site with you to assess your needs and make customized recommendations.

Water management and construction go hand in hand. In an industry where time and deadlines are of the essence, you can count on Cooper Pump & Power to provide you with the extensive pumping systems you need to deal with everything from dewatering groundwater to lowering water tables, draining storm water and dealing with water-main breaks.

As old water pipes rust, burst or simply need to be replaced, you’ll require pumping equipment to fix or circumvent the problem—often immediately. Diverting or emptying sewage pipes can also be a critical part of any roadwork or other municipal project. We have the pumping supplies your city workers need to get to the root of the problem quickly and efficiently in order to get water back up and running for local citizens.

Whether you’re dealing with an accidental release of pollutants, a threat to freshwater sources due to flooding or more, Cooper Pump & Power has the capacity to act quickly to help you face the crisis with the right pumping tools and recommendations. We can put together and ship the solutions you need immediately so you can get ahead of the problem and protect the environment being affected.

The oil, gas and pipeline industry encounters water issues that are unique to their field. Dewatering for pipeline construction is a job that requires pumps and accessories that are adaptable to different types of land, environments, laws and more.

Proud to be powered by Cooper Equipment Rentals, Cooper Pump & Power offers a comprehensive selection of expert services and equipment solutions to help you complete your project.

  • Pump and Generator Equipment
  • Bulk Hose and Powe Cable Accessories
  • Configurable Pipes, Valves and Fittings
  • Spill Containment Solutions
  • Road Ramps and more

Start planning your next project by submitting a quote request form to get connected with a Cooper Pump & Power Specialist and discuss your detailed job requirements.

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View our Pump & Power resources to learn more about available equipment and services powered by Cooper Equipment Rentals.

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Cooper Pump & Power is a specialty division of Cooper focused on solving dewatering and power generation needs for large-scale projects. Explore the Pump & Power catalogue to learn about the engineered solutions available from our knowledgeable team of experts.

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Spring Flooding Flyer - Cooper Equipment Rentals

Spring flooding can be a sudden and urgent issue, that’s why Cooper has you covered with small tool storage displace unwanted water build up and keep any indoor or outdoor space dry!

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Cooper Equipment Rentals offers everything you need to get the job done right and on time! Browse our full Rental Equipment Catalogue to find solutions for your next project.

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Cooper was asked by a contractor to design a dewatering system that could work within their constrained site conditions, yet still allow them the space they needed to perform the work on the dam. Cooper designed a pumping system utilizing various BBA silenced Dry Prime pumps to keep the site dry for months. The varied …

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Due to the City of Toronto’s aging sanitary infrastructure, sewer failures can often occur. During such a failure of a sanitary sewer in a river valley, Cooper worked with the emergency repair contractor to design a pump system to operate for the duration of the repairs. As there was no information on the flow rates …

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This project involved Cooper Pump Solutions in the transformation of the Canadian Niagara Power Generating Station into a new tourist attraction. Pump Solutions provided an innovative sprinkler water solution for the summer of 2020. Our team utilized their existing electrical power supply, and we had a duplex VFD controlled system installed and operated for the …

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