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The Counter Talks Podcast Episode #23 Something Special

Cameron Dougherty chats with Patrick Flannery on The Counter Talks podcast about his experience launching and building Cooper’s Trench Safety division. Cam and Pat discuss the advantages and challenges that come along with developing a specialty division within a growing company. Cam, having grown up being influenced by his father (Doug Dougherty, CEO at Cooper Equipment Rentals) and grandfather who started their family business Ray Gordon Equipment, it was natural for him to follow a similar path within the rental industry. Starting a specialty division like Cooper Trench Safety is no walk in the park and with a tight budget and small crew (starting out as a 2-man show) Cam and his colleague Paul Gaspar were able to pull it off! Check out the full podcast here to listen to Cam’s story!

About The Counter Talks Podcast

The Counter Talks Podcast is run by the Canadian Rental Service and hosted by Patrick Flannery. Patrick aims to bring different voices from the rental industry to share their industry knowledge and business expertise for listeners like you! A new Counter Talks podcast will be released a few times a month and you can listen to their podcasts here.


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