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Electric Equipment: Sherpa 100ECO Mini Skid Steer


Introducing the Sherpa 100ECO, this battery-powered mini skid steer can easily fit through a standard door or on a common elevator, making it the ideal solution for your indoor construction equipment needs.

Why use an electric skid steer?

When working in small indoor spaces, it’s essential for your team’s safety to use equipment that doesn’t produce emissions. The 100ECO mini has a small compact design making it versatile in many indoor settings.

It’s like having a Swiss army knife with various attachment options; You can add a grapple bucket, hammer, floor scraper, fork, or vacuum system. In addition to its multiple uses, this powerful machine can reduce the number of workers on-site by 2 or 3, saving you time and money on your job site.

Key features of the Sherpa 100ECO

  • Less than 31″ wide, 6 ft dump height, minimal maintenance and built tough for demolition
  • Over 7 hours of runtime
  • Can easily lift up to 700 pounds

Best applications for the Sherpa 100ECO

  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Hospitals and medical research facilities
  • Airports
  • Banks (demolishing vaults)
  • Hotels
  • Convention centers
  • Indoor shopping malls
  • Food processing facilities
  • Active manufacturing facilities
  • Asbestos remediation

Keep your workers safe with the Sherpa 100ECO mini skid steer.

Worker’s safety is always a top priority; the hammering and lifting potential of this mighty machine means it can perform heavy tasks so your team members don’t overexert themselves, which could lead to injury. Additionally, since there is no combustion engine, there are zero fuel costs and zero harmful emissions. This reduces costs, and harmful emissions workers may be exposed to on the job.

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