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Prevent Pains & Strains

Preventing musculoskeletal disorders on your job site

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), most commonly known as pains and strains, can be serious and disabling to Ontario workers. Preventing MSDs should be a key part of every workplace.


Work related MSD hazards include:

  1. Awkward postures
  2. Holding any body part in one position without a rest
  3. Carrying, lifting, lowering, pushing or pulling heavy or awkward loads
  4. Performing repetitive actions without rest

Employers should:

  1. Train workers about MSD hazards in their job
  2. Ask workers to report MSD symptoms or concerns early
  3. Identify job related MSD hazards and work together to implement solutions
  4. Follow up to make sure solutions are working

For more information: http://www.ontario.ca/SafeAtWorkOntario


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