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Mounting and Dismounting Equipment

How to prevent slips and falls when operating heavy trucks and machines

A surprising number of injuries are caused by mounting and dismounting mobile equipment. The reason for this is due to a variety of factors:

  • Rushing and not paying attention to foot or hand placement
  • Slippery or obstructed surfaces

The Key Rule: Always maintain three points of contact

  • Use either two hands and one foot or one hand and two feet when mounting and dismounting equipment.
  • Keep hands free when making three points of contact (don’t be carrying something)
  • Maintain traction by making sure your footwear is free of potential slippery hazards such as dirt, oil and grease.
  • DO NOT RUSH! Take the time needed to properly enter and exit the equipment; do not skip steps or rungs in the ladder.

Inspection and maintenance

  • Inspect contact areas for slip or trip hazards
  • Make sure steps and handrails are properly secured and free of defects and debris.
  • Ensure landing areas are free from tripping and slipping hazards (indentations or objects in the way).

Questions to Generate Discussion:

  • What is the top reason for slips and trips while mounting and dismounting your equipment?
  • In what condition are the steps, ladders and handrails on the machines that you use?
  • How does the current weather condition affect us in completing this task?


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