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6” Dewatering and Sewage Pump

Max Capacity: 2,200 GPM


BBA Pumps


The BA 150E D285 is an engine driven sewage and dewatering pump. The pump performance curves and large solids handling make the pump versatile, allowing it to be used for many applications.


Type BA150E D285
Max. flow 2200US GPM / 500 m3/hour
Max. pressure 125ft. / 54PSI / 38mwc
Connections 6"(DN150)
Solids handling 3,15" / 80 mm
Impeller type Open impeller
Priming system BBA MP50
Engine Hatz 4H50TIC
Emission standard Tier 4 final
Canopy M10-23X
Sound level 64dB(A) at 33 ft.
Dry weight 3630lbs. / 1650 kg


Sewer bypassing, Dewatering, Ballast projects

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