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Cooper’s wide range of surveying equipment will make sure your measurements are accurate and precise, every time.

4X Multigas Detector

4X Multigas Detector (LEL, O2, CO, H2S)

Weight: 7.9 oz
Audible Alarm: >95 dB at 1 ft
Visual Alarm: 4 Ultra-bright LEDs
Vibrating Alarm: Standard

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Ferrous Metal Locator

Length: 40″
Weight: 3 lbs

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Laser Level

Working Range: Up to 100′
Features: Self Levelling
Accuracy: ±1/16″ at 100′
Beam: Visible

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Magnification: Up to 30x
Angles: Horizontal/Vertical
Slope: By Percent
Beam: Visible

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Transit Level

Magnification: 22x
Working Range: 246′

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You will receive a rental product of similar specifications to the above models, based on availability in your area. A specific make and model cannot be requested or guaranteed. The above photo may not be the true representation of the specifications. For exact specifications, please contact 1‑800‑315‑COOP