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Cooper is Introducing Telematics to Help You Optimize Your Rental Fleet

We’re excited to let you know about our investment in telematics technology for our ever-expanding rental fleet.

What is telematics?

Telematics uses GPS tracking and onboard diagnostics to monitor the location and utilization of construction equipment. The data from the GPS tracking and diagnostic tools are sent wirelessly via a satellite antenna to a user interface and then easily accessed on a computer or smartphone.

How does telematics benefit rental equipment customers?

• You can access real time data on the location of each piece of equipment on rent for optimizing your fleet

• Detailed utilization reports mean you can make more informed decisions and maximize your rental expenditure

• Fault code alerts raise issues to Cooper mechanics before the superintendent has had time to call it in, reducing equipment downtime

• Utilization reports allow for more effective servicing, based on actual hours data so there is less likelihood of equipment issues

Cooper currently has GPS tracking installed on 2,500 rental assets, with the goal of having up to 8,500 units covered within the next 2 years. In addition to providing traditional dots on a map and current hours, most if not all on-board sensors report their data remotely for advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting prior to servicing an asset in the field.


In addition to OEM-installed telematics, we are installing GPS devices on our current legacy fleet.

In addition to OEM-installed telematics, we are installing GPS devices on our current legacy fleet.
Rod Lentino, Rental Fleet Manager at Cooper Equipment, says: “Our goal for telematics is to provide a better rental experience for our customers. We can provide more effective and efficient servicing of equipment in the field by remotely diagnosing equipment, which is a big differentiator for our customers. Field technicians can also pinpoint the location of the unit without the need to trouble our customers for directions.” Rod says that our telematics portal receives real-time tracking and utilization information from the equipment as well as hourly updates from our internal operating systems, so the information in our telematics portal is always up to date.

Our telematics data is also synced with our account management app COOPERConnect. This free tool allows customers to manage all their rental contracts right from their desktop or smart phone.

If you’d like to learn more about Cooper’s telematics data or find out how to register for a COOPERConnect account, speak to your rental rep or email [email protected] for more information.

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