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Why Not Theatre Ignite Partners Program

At Cooper, we love giving back and supporting organizations that share the same values as us. This year, we are sponsoring the Why Not Theatre, an international theatre company based in Toronto, Canada. Just like us, they value innovation, community, and collaboration. The Why Not Theatre is not your typical theatre company, it is unique as it is the first nomadic theatre institution in Canada. Their company goal is to challenge the status quo and create change by getting people together to share ideas, values, and beliefs through their stories. Rather than focusing their efforts on managing a traditional brick and mortar venue, the Why Not Theatre is primarily focusing on growing their talent by hiring new staff and improving their artists. We deeply agree with their approach because at Cooper, we love coming up with creative solutions for our customers in order to get the job done. We care about our employees and we constantly think of new ways to help them grow to be the best version of themselves. We are super excited to be a part of this program as we believe it is important to understand the growing importance of expression and art culture in our community and are happy to support this community-based theatre!