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We passionately believe that an inclusive and diverse team is key to the success of our business. We strive to provide an environment which allows individuals from a wide range of cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives thrive. These values are a critical part of the foundation upon which the Cooper Difference is built.

At Cooper, investing in and caring for the people who take care of our business is our top priority. We work hard to provide a safe, positive, and inclusive workplace for our team members. This includes celebrating and leveraging a variety of skill sets, treating everyone fairly and respectfully and giving everyone access to opportunities and resources that allow them to contribute fully to the organization’s success.

The key initiatives below highlight Cooper’s efforts to increase overall diversity and inclusion within the organization. We are proud of our improvements over the last few years – and continue to strive toward making our company more diverse.

Cooper Equipment Rental’s Commitment to DE&I

At Cooper Equipment Rentals, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) are at the heart of our company culture and the Cooper Difference. Hear the unique perspectives from the Cooper team on the incredible growth happening within our organization.

Join us as we highlight the transformative power of DE&I. Our diverse team works together safely, bringing a wealth of fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and boundless energy to the table.

Watch this video to explore our company’s commitment to fostering an inclusive culture and moving our industry forward in terms of DE&I.

WiG (Women in Governance)

Historically, women have been underrepresented in the construction sector. The concerning statistics on the number of women in senior management positions or on boards across all industries is what motivated the creation of Women in Governance (WiG).

This non-profit organization was founded in 2010 to support women with their career advancement and help them gain access to senior management and board positions.

Cooper has been working with WiG on achieving the Parity Certification to improve our overall approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Hiring Veterans

Finding suitable employment is one of the biggest challenges faced by Veterans when transitioning from military to civilian life.
Cooper is strongly committed to making a positive impact on the lives of Veterans and their families by supporting organizations that help combat some of the challenges faced by Veterans including PTSD, homelessness, and unemployment for example, and to give back to the people who have given so much.

Cooper is actively involved in organizations that help Canadian veterans such as Wounded Warriors and Homes for Heroes, and inclusive employee resource groups (ERGs) like Prospect Now, to offer meaningful employment opportunities.

Cooper Bursary for Women in Construction (CBWC)

The construction industry has traditionally been very male populated. We want to help change that by attracting, retaining, and developing more women in not only the equipment rental industry, but the construction industry as a whole.

To help drive this change, Cooper is proud to be partnering with the Canadian Association of Women in Construction (CAWIC) and providing six bursaries of $1,000 each, to further the education or job skills training of Canadian women in the construction industry.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training for Hiring Managers

At Cooper, we continuously strive to build a more inclusive culture that welcomes and encourages our team members’ differences and provides an environment of equal opportunity for all.

In 2022, we focused our actions internally and launched diversity and inclusion training programs for hiring managers. This initiative seeks to improve overall awareness of unconscious bias and discrimination in the hiring process and in the organization.

We are speaking more directly to one another and on a deeper level about racism and inequality in a way that reflects our culture – through the lens of compassion, inclusion, and respect.


Land Acknowledgements

At Cooper we encourage awareness around Land Acknowledgements. We are grateful to have the opportunity to share this land and give our respect to its first inhabitants and recognize it as non-ceded land. This is our first step to bringing attention and showing respect to the Indigenous peoples who first lived – and currently live – on the land where we get to live and work. Cooper is, and will be taking continued action to bring awareness and educate our employees about our collective Canadian history by showing respect to Indigenous communities wherever Cooper operates.

To find out more about how Cooper gives back to the communities where we do business, please click here.

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