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The Age of the Ageless

Everywhere I turn recently I meet people who are totally engaged, extremely interesting, broad-minded and adventurous.

Just yesterday I met a seventy-year-old bus driver who was 8 years into his second professional and athletic career, enjoying an active lifestyle, and loving life.

Last week I played tennis against an eighty-three-year-old man and a seventy-seven-year-old woman, and there was no slowing either of them down. I won’t say whether we won or lost the match. It does not matter.

This morning I read a piece in the New York Times about a seventy-five-year-old Colorado woman who is still competing in uphill ski racing events at Breckenridge. Yes, I said UPHILL ski racing!

The goal of all these people is to get better; to improve and achieve better results. For them it’s not about winning or being the best. It’s about working on their game and striving to be their best self.

And they all said their lifestyle keeps them mentally sharp, physically fit and ready for the next challenge. They feel good about being prepared and are confident in their abilities, knowing they have given themselves the best chance to succeed.

These people are happy by their own choice. They don’t spend time thinking about how old they are or use chronological age as an excuse to remain on the sidelines. They participate actively in life, and their energy is positive and contagious.

You don’t have to be old to take a lesson from these folks. We can all benefit from their wisdom. There is no minimum or maximum age requirement for participation in life.

So, put aside all the noise and nonsense on the news and social media. Get away from your screens. Don’t worry about what other people are saying or thinking or doing. Create some time for yourself to be the best you can be, whatever that looks like for you.

Have fun 😊

Doug Dougherty


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