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Sudbury’s Community Gardens

Over the years the Cooper team in Sudbury has been involved in supporting the Sudbury Community Gardens program. The Cooper staff volunteered their time to assist in maintaining local garden sites at multiple communities throughout the Sudbury area. These gardens have been developed to assist and encourage communities to grow fresh vegetables for their own consumption, teaching them a lifelong skill and helping them out of food insecurity. 














A Cooper employee tilling a local site, along with the help from our little friend who comes out every year to lend a hand!

We have the equipment and the people needed to help with projects like this, it’s about giving back to our communities and the people in them. Too often we underestimate the difference we can make in so many other people’s lives by just giving a couple hours of our time.” – Brett Moroso, Regional Manager Sudbury 

Over the summer this prepared garden will have vegetables planted and then harvested to yield fresh produce to feed many families. Our Cooper Sudbury team are more than happy to assist in this project. It is moments like these, that show us we can all make a difference! 

Learn more about gardening and Sudbury’s community gardens 




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