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Hydronic Heaters to The Rescue!

Are the cold Canadian weather conditions interfering with your construction projects? It’s no secret that working outdoors during the cold winter months can be challenging. Frozen grounds make it nearly impossible to carry on with tasks like digging and curing concrete, but luckily Hydronic Heaters are here to help! Hydronic Heaters allow you to keep all your projects running smoothly and on time with their ability to produce warm air, dethaw the ground and cure concrete.

What are Hydronic Heaters Used For?

Curing Concrete: For concrete to set properly it must be cured at a specific temperature. Using a Hydronic Heater makes it possible to achieve the desired temperature with its digital temperature controller.

Ground Thawing: Hydronic Heaters allow contractors to thaw frozen ground and keep the ground at the required temperature for the job at hand. This ensures the ability to dig into the ground easily and continue with the construction project despite the freezing weather.

Heating a Space: Not only do Hydronic Heaters heat the ground, they’re also able to warm up the space in which work is being conducted when paired with the correctly-sized heat exchanger(s). These handy pieces of equipment keep workers comfortable even in the coldest of temperatures without introducing moisture or emissions into the working environment

 Benefits of Using a Hydronic Heater Vs. Hot Air Methods

Hydronic Heaters save contractors time and are a much safer way to heat concrete. They are also extremely efficient and cost effective. The fuel used to power a Hydronic Heater is approximately half the cost of various types of heat used by alternative air methods.

The Hydronic Heater is also a more effective resource when curing elevated decks! When Wacker Neuson conducted a study comparing the effects of a ground heater to an indirect fired air heating source, they found the Hydronic Heater to be the clear winner. The Hydronic Heater not only heated the elevated deck quicker, but also resulted in higher strength by 17% after a single day. Click here for a detailed video on curing concrete with the Wacker Neuson E3000!

How to Effectively Cure Concrete and Thaw Your Jobsite

Looking for a way to keep your concrete from freezing so you can continue with your jobsite project? No problem! Follow the simple steps below and your concrete will be heated in no time!

Step 1: Place a vapour barrier over the concrete to trap in the moisture.

Step 2: Lay heating hoses on top of the vapour barrier and warm fluid is circulated through the loops.

Step 3: Place an insulated blanket on top to direct the heat evenly into the concrete.

 Availability at Cooper

Here at Cooper we offer many Hydronic Heater options for you to rent and use on your jobsite. One in particular is the Wacker Neuson E3000. The Wacker Neuson E3000 has many key features that help make it a top choice with contractors. For starters, this model comes with a tank that holds over 200 gallons of fuel and can run for a total of 140 hours. It even has a built-in generator that’s available in both 3kw and 6kw configurations.

Additionally, the two spools at the back of the E3000 are each equipped with 1,500 feet of hose to help get your glycol mixture running and ready to heat the ground. A helpful tip is to start the unit and have it running before it leaves the yard. This will ensure that once the unit arrives at the jobsite, the hoses are warm, flexible and ready to work! What are you waiting for? Don’t stall your construction projects any longer. Call Cooper and rent yours today!


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